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The following photographs are but a few examples of thousands held in the College Archives that document Franklin and Marshall College's history, events, physical plant and people from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. If you like what you see, please visit the archives to see more.


(L) Emmanuel Vogel Gerhart (1817-1886), first President of Franklin and Marshall College (1855-1866).

(R) 1858 photograph of Old Main, Diagnothian and Goethean Halls. Constructed between 1854 and 1857, these buildings sat on the College's first land purchase: 10 acres of farmland purchased in 1853 for $2,500.

1860 photograph of the Janitor's House, Old Main, Diagnothian and Goethean Halls.


(L) David McNeely Stauffer (right) and fellow Phi Kappa Sigma members pose for a tintype portrait ca. 1863. Stauffer only attended F&M from 1862 to 1864 perhaps due to the war.

(R) Group photo of Franklin and Marshall's first football team, 1887.

Group photo of the Class of 1882 outside of Gerhart House.


(L) George B. Smith, Salutatorian of Franklin and Marshall, Class of 1889 .

(R) F&M students and faculty pose for a photo while on a Biology field trip on May 19, 1892.

(L) Rare view of students playing cards inside Harbaugh Hall dormitory, 1892.


(L) Dr. Charles Patterson Stahr, M.D., Lecturer on Anatomy and Assistant Professor of Bacteriology at F&M 1902-1903.

(R) The 1908 Oriflamme editorial staff. Pictured: Rufus Zimmerman, Lyman Windolph, C.W. Bomberger, George L. Roth, Walter Bancroft, William Danaher and John Rossman.


(L) Aerial view of the new Academy Building (Hartman Hall) ca. 1930. Constructed in 1908, Hartman Hall served as the Franklin and Marshall Academy, dormitory space, dining hall and as the student center before being torn down in 1975.

(R) Ca. 1935 Commencement Day procession passing Distler House. College President John Schaeffer is seen walking alone (with his arms to his sides) in the center of the photo .

Ca. 1895 view looking south from Harrisburg Pike of the current Williamson Field under construction.

Aerial view of Campus ca. 1928. Chi Phi House can be seen under construction to the far right.


(L) Ca. 1920 view of the Watts-dePeyster Library, predecessor to the current library. It was built in 1897 at a cost of $25,000 and incorporated into the current library building in 1937.

(R) 1927 view of Hensel Hall, built in 1925 and named in honor of College Trustee William U. Hensel.

Early 1900s view of the Physics lab inside of Stahr (now Stager) Hall


(L) View of Aeronautics Laboratory located in Stahr Hall ca. 1940. R.O.T.C. students received pilot training as part of their education in preparation for military service.

(R) Frederic Shriver Klein (1904-1987), son of F&M Professor and Historian H.MJ. Klein and member of the Class of 1923. In his long career at F&M, Klein served as Instructor of History, 1928-36; Asst. Prof. of History, 1936-39; Assoc. Prof. of History, 1939-44; (Director of the Symphony Orchestra, 1938-41) Dir. of Aeronautics, 1941-42; Dir. of CAA War Training Program, 1942-45; Assoc. Prof. of History, 1944-47; Prof. of History 1947-70; Emeritus Professor of History, 1970-87 and Adjunct Professor of History, 1972-74.


(L) The F&M Marching Band under the direction of John H. Peifer, Jr. ca. 1950. Graduate of the Class of 1936, Peifer led the band as Director from 1936-1980.

(R) John H. Peifer Jr (right). ca. 1948.


(L) Future Hollywood actor Roy Scheider (F&M 1955) in the Green Room production of "Mr. Roberts" 1954.

(R) A Air Force ROTC cadet receives an award from President Spalding in 1964.


(L) Students add to a bonfire in front of Hensel Hall during a protest and riot over administration policies in early April 1961.

(R) Former President and Gettysburg, PA resident Dwight David Eisenhower stands with Pennsylvania Governor William Scranton, Trustee William Schnader and College President Keith Spalding on Commencement Day 1963. Eisenhower delivered the Commencement address and received an honorary degree from the College.

Photo by the (Lancaster) New Era. Copyright 1963, Lancaster Newspapers, Inc.. Used by Permission.


(L) Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. during his visit to campus on December 12, 1963. The Civil Rights Leader spoke to a capacity crowd of 3,300 at the Mayser Center.

(R) Students speak with noted Civil War Historian and Author Bruce Catton (1899-1978) during a visit to campus in the 1960s.


(L) Female students attended F&M before the adoption of Co-education in 1969 mostly as spouses or relatives of male students.

(R) President Keith Spalding inspects the Protest Tree and its call for Co-education in front of Distler House ca. 1969.


(L) New Female Students inspect the "We've gone Co-ed" Poster placed on the Protest Tree near Distler House, 1969/70.

(R) A male student chivalrously lays down his jacket for two new female co-eds in this staged photo, ca. 1969/70.


(L) The Poor Richards musical performance ensemble poses for a group photo, 1973.

(R) F&M Football Coach Tom Gilburg.


(L) F&M cheerleading squad at Williamson Field ca. 1980.

(R) A student DJ spins the next record at WFNM ca. 1980.

Photographs are for informational and study purposes only and are not to be reproduced without permission of the copyright owner and/or Franklin and Marshall College.

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