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Old Main, then known as Recitation Hall, ca. 1892.
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The College Archives collects and preserves the permanent historical record of Franklin & Marshall College (1853-present) and its related institutions: Franklin College (1787-1853), Marshall College (1835-1853), and Franklin & Marshall Academy (1871-1943). The collections include both non-current official and unofficial records of Administrative and Academic departments, including correspondence, memoranda, minutes, agenda and in-house publications; biographical information on alumni, administration, faculty and staff; student theses and memorabilia; works published by faculty and alumni; sound and video recordings; and photographs that document people, events and the evolution of campus through time.

Most materials are available to student, faculty, staff, alumni and public researchers. However, some official records of the Board of Trustees, Academic Departments, the Offices of the President, Provost, Registrar, the Dean of the College, and other administrative offices may be confidential or restricted to the use of administrative staff and require the permission of the office of origin for their use. Interested researchers should contact the Archives and Special Collections Librarian for specific information on what materials are available for study.

Major college publications retained in the Archives include: the student newspapers, College Days (1873-1879), The College Student (1881-1914),The F&M Weekly (1891-1915), The Student Weekly (1915-1964) and The College Reporter (1964-present). The years 1873-1879 and 1891-2001 are now viewable and searchable online; the College's yearbook, The Oriflamme (1883-present) and the F&M Academy's Epilogue (1914-1942); the annual College Catalog (various titles) (1837-present); faculty works; and the Alumni Association publications, Franklin and Marshall College Alumnus (1924-1968), F&M Today (1973-1988), F&M News (1988-1994) and Franklin and Marshall College Magazine (1994-present).

A bibliography of publications relating to the history of Franklin and Marshall College is available.

In addition, a list of Lancaster, PA historic newspapers is also available.

Please see the Transfer Guidelines for information regarding the types of records academic and administrative offices should transfer to the College Archives.

Senior Honors Theses can be submitted at any time to the College Archives by following the guidelines and release form provided here.

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