Additional Resources

JSHA Collection
The College has been designated the public repository for the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association research collection, an organization dedicated to the history of "Hessian" soldiers from German principalities who served the British crown during the American Revolution.

Genealogy Resources
The Archives & Special Collections Department holds some genealogical information relating to current and former Franklin & Marshall College faculty, students and administrators only. All church records and family histories were transferred to the Lancaster Theological Seminary in 1967.

Other Archival Repositories
Many regional Libraries and Historical Societies maintain Special Collections of historical manuscripts, archives, and rare books that may be of interest to the researcher. Please visit their websites for further information.

What's my item worth?
These pages may assist you in determining the value of your autograph, rare book, poster, print, map, or historic newspaper. Unfortunately, Archives & Special Collections of Franklin cannot research your item for you, and will not appraise the value of your item.

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