1819 H St. Washington

Dec 22d 1877


My Dear Jim


I wrote you a postal card yesterday to tell you the whine had been shipped the 4th Dec for Liverpool St Philad, and may arrive any day.  Your cask was marked to you at Lancaster, and you will hear from Nance & Co. on it coming to hand.


Miss Sarah Coleman was at the house a few days ago, and told us, what had been done about putting John's head upon the Bonds and that the attempt failed, for the time & for the last issue because he was not looking in the right direction, towards Hartranft.


I suppose a photo, looking as is requisite can be procured.  Meanwhile, against the next issue & in time for the engraver and that you can readily have it done & placed in the right hands at Harrisburg--to make sure that it will not be neglected. 


Do write to me & let me know about it.


I have willed John's picture to West Point in a will I made before going to sea -- but now that Laurie's portrait is there, perhaps it should go somewhere else.  Is there a good place in Harrisburg for it?  Shall it go to the State of Penna & be put in the Library at the Capital?  Let me have your views about this?


If Lancaster had a Town Hall of it own, that would be a good place for it.


We are all well as usual.


Rebecca joins in kindest wishes of the season, with.


                                                Yours affectionately

                                                            Wm. Reynolds


James L. Reynolds Esq.

    Lancaster, Penna



[Archives & Special Collection, Franklin and Marshall College  MS6 2/6]