F & M 6/V/2/13                                                          1863 08 14 WR to ER Vermont


Vermont Aug 14th 1863


My dear Elly


  Many thanks for your letter and the Carte – of which I have written to Rebecca.  I am too much occupied to do more than give you a line.


  The duties and responsibilities resting upon me, donıt permit me either leisure or oppıy to write or even to think much of other matters.  My mind is so full of what has to be done that I canıt turn to other things often or long.  I must write you briefly.


  As to settlement of Johnıs estate, I should prefer Harry or yourself, as you suggest – I donıt know what the law requires, or how it is decided who should apply for letters of admin.  Sam at [Mishy] cannot – Jim should not – I am out of the question, Mr. Evans would not desire to, and as his affairs are in Philad. I suppose you had best take the matter in hand.


  So far as my wish can have its influence, I shall be greatly pleased if Harry Landis receives the Silver Spurs, which I gave to John twenty one years ago.  I have never seen them since, and have thoıt them lost or gone after so many wonderings on his part.  Poor fellow! he was very good to have kept them so long.


  I read with pleasure of the return of Captain Landisı company of Artillery, and of the good service it had performed.  And congratulate the Captain thereupon with all my heart, I sincerely hope, he may not have to march again.


  I am quite satisfied with all you have done at Philad.


  You must go on, as you think right.  We shall be pretty certain to be of the same mind about matters.


                        With love to you and all

 With afftes., Your brother



Miss Elly Reynolds

1829 Spruce Street








Sunday Morning


Dear Elly


  I donıt know what I had in an envelope directed to you last night.  This was to be gone in – I found it on the table this morn & send it by [    ].  William