F&M 6/V/2/12                                    1860 08 21 WR to ER Honolulu



Honolulu August 21, 1860


My Dear Elly


  The summer has been so hot and the town so dull, that everybody who could leave it for a jaunt has done so – and among others, Rebecca and Mrs. Bishop went off in the Steamer last week on a visit to Hilo & the Volcano of Kilauea on Hawaii; Bishop could not leave his business, and I could not very well go, on account of my leg so they, with two young ladies of Mrs. Bishops connection went on their own hook, and will have a very good time of it no doubt.  I went to the Volcano in 1852 – and had I accompanied them to Hilo, should have had to remain in the village while they ascended the mountain as I cannot ride horseback.  As this would have been dull times for me, I preferred to remain here, and take a tour around the Island as far as the road permit the passage of a wagon.  Tomorrow, I set out, in a light [dearborn] with one Companion, a very pleasant  youth and shall be absent a week or ten days.


  The mail for the U.S. will probably leave while I am gone, and I write this note to be forwarded by it – Rebecca will hardly get a letter off by it for her father and you had best write to Mr. Krug as soon as you get this to tell him why his usual letter is [ for  ] may not be forthcoming.  I had a note from Rebecca from Lahaina with the gratifying intelligence, that the night had been so smooth, she had been but slightly sea sick; and gone ashore at Sunrise & enjoyed a walk about the town & was having a nice breakfast on terra firma.


  I suppose she will remain at Hilo, until about the last of the month, when the steamer will return there -- and give them an oppy. to come home, if they are ready, If they are very much pleased there, they may remain longer.


  I read in the San Fran papers of Jno Reynolds arrival there about the middle of July in Company with Geo Harvey & others & I suppose he went on to New York, with the party, as two vessels have sailed for here, since that, and did not bring either John or a letter from him.  What a dreadful fellow he is, not to write one, at such times.  I wrote to him long ago – and hope he recąd  the letter.   I do not consider the fact of my not having a reply as at all indicative that my letter failed to reach him – I have no doubt he got it.


  I shall leave a note for him and have provided quarters for him should he happen to come, whilst I am gone on my trip – if he is to come, it will be just like him, to come thus unannounced, and to come when both Becky & I are away.


  I had a letter from Com. Smith by the last mail, in which he says. łthe new pay bill cuts your (me) off from any increases of pay.˛ And I very much fear his intelligence correct, as he is in the Spot, & is apt to be well informed on all such matters.


  Cap Bailey had written me, that the bill had been amended to allow Retired Officers when employed the same pay as their grade on the active list; and my delight had been great at the prospect of an increase to my income.  But now instead of an increase, I expect to have to submit to a decrease and instead of getting $1500 per an. fall down to $1200, the pay of a retired Lieut.


  This will be a very serious reduction for us & I very much doubt if we shall be able to live here upon what is left.  We will try it however.


  I was intending to treat myself to a new coat & some new shirts, but must forego such expenditures for the present; the latter items however I must have ere long, as my home made supply, is nearly used up, after nearly five years wear, and well they may be.  If both of us, had not been most miraculously careful of our wardrobes we should be bare or beggars by this time.


  I have been unusually busy today, in preparing for my jaunt – it is now ten pm & I have my trunk to pack.


                                                            So with much love to you all

                                                                        I am ever affectionaly

                                                                                    Your William


Miss Elly Reynolds

1829 Spruce Street




We have had teleg dates of July 26th announcing arrival of Prince of Wales in [    ]