F&M 6/2/19

U. S. Schr Boxer

Rio de Janeiro Nov 1st 1832


My Dear Father


  After I had signed, sealed and delivered the letter I wrote, yesterday on board the Brig Globe for Baltimore & had the allotment (I spoke of in it) all signed & ready the Capn calling me and told me for certain reasons, he had rather I would not make it unless it was actually necessary for to pay a debt; I told him I had no debt and as he wished me, I destroyed this.  To correct all mistakes I send you these lines to inform you that there is no allotment now existing & that you need not send to Philad for the money.


  I[n] consequence of the Sea breeze setting in so early this morning we could not go out, we are unmoored, and wind & weather permitting shall sail tomorrow morning.


  I have not seen Captn Page since to ask him, about his speaking to the Secy of the Navy for my warrant, he has sent on the letter to the dept for it, but a word from his mouth would be some service.  When he visits you, you might give him a hint on the subject.


  I have written to my Boston friends to inform them of our going to the East Indies.  I shall bring you some chariot wheels from the Red Sea and some [Maylay Scalps].


  Tell Harry Wright and my other young friends that I shall expect to find letters from them, here when I return.  My love to all the family.


                                                                        Your most affectionate Son

                                                                                    Wm Reynolds U.S. Navy








John Reynolds Esq

Lancaster Penna

Came to had Jany 4 1832