F&M 6/2/16    18311220 WM to JR Philadelphia


Philadelphia December 20, 1831


Dear Father


  I arrived here about 11 o¹clock yesterday morning, I slept part of the way when I got awake at 7 o¹clock.  I thought it was but fine the horses push very fast.


  I went to the Watsons that day the clothes were finished, & very handsomely too, the embroidery on the collars gold, the buttons are large & plenty of them, the cloth is very fine, handsome & smooth, the breasts of the coat & round about are wadded and all looks well, he put them up handsomely in a small box.


  Mr. Yates, said he had went to all the people who owed the [L.] money.  & they told him they could not pay till after the 1st of January, I told him I would & take the $12. in full for the whole amount of $16.66, & he paid me it.  Mr. [Humes] also paid me the $20 he want it discontinued, as he say he never gets to see it.  Discon. It on the 1st of January.  I called on Mr. Coleman today, he said from what you said in your letter he did not expect me till tomorrow and had not the letters ready, but he would & write them & send them round this Evening.  Mr. Colin as well gave me a small bundle for some gentleman in Boston, I do not remember his name, & also a letter of introduction to him.


  I saw Judge Rogers this afternoon he was well and very glad to hear I had entered the Navy, he introduced me to Judge Gibson & told me he would be in Philadelphia this winter and every winter & if ever I come here in the [    ] he would be very glad to see me & hear of my doing well.  I was very glad I had called to see him before I went.


  I leave this to morrow morning at 3 o¹clock and will get to New York early in the afternoon at the stage office the steamboats are running yet.


  They are all well here except Mrs. Witmer who has not been down stairs since I left she is not confined to her bed.  Mr. [Ball] family are all well now.  Yesterday was the first day Mr. Ball had been out for a week.


  Aunt sends here love to the whole family & so do I.  If you write to me at Boston let me know if you heard anything of Samuel.


                                                                        Your affectionate Son

                                                                        Wm. Reynolds

It is near nine o¹clock PM

& Mr. Witmer is waiting for this

& I must stop

                        Good Bye

John Reynolds Esq

Lancaster Pa