6/2/2         18311125 WR to JR Philadelphia


Philad Novr 25th 1831


Dear Father


  I arrived safe here on Wednesday Evening.  Wm Crawford was in the Steamboat with me, he brought me to [Mr.] Witmers in a carriage, Mr. Ball was here (Witmers) to claim me, but I staid at Mr. [Witmers]

                                                                        [William Reynolds]



                                                                                                            Friday evening

Dear Friends


  I take this time to state to you that I got safe to the city on Monday and found our friends rather unwell with colds and coughs.  I did not look much for Wm. That evening but the next (Tuesday) Mr. Witmer went down to the wharf, but no Wm and on Wednesday evening just as he was setting off there was a carriage drove to the door and Master Wm stepped out Wm Crawford chanced to be on board the boat and deliver him safe – Wm Ball had just called in and he invited Wm home but he was tired and as I had not seen him for a while I kept him that night but did not tell him the news of his commission for fear it would prevent his sleeping.  The next day I was not much with him and he slept at Mr. Balls so I did not tell him until just now.  He is delighted, it gives him new vigor he appeared and was so lazy that he could not write.  He commenced this some time yesterday and I should have insisted on his finishing it and putting it into the office last evening, but Mr. Ball told me that he had written to you so that I felt easy.  Mr. Ogilby I saw today I had gone down to the store to insist on is finishing this letter when Mr. Ogilby came in but Will says he can not write at present so I try to do it for him he brought $130 with him he has not a little in the city but has the promise of more in a day or two.  He staid at Mr. Lightners in Balto from Saturday until Wednesday morning ________

  Mr. Henry Witmer is from home.  Miss Watson & one of the Miss McClungs stay here they came on Wednesday morning we make a tolerable numerous household.  I have not yet called on Mrs. Crawford I had intended to do so this day but was [presented] not that I should expect to see her but to enquire for her.  Wm Reynolds called yesterday afternoon he saw [doorman] she was very poorly they told him  excuse the shortness of this the rest are taking their tea but I concluded you should have this short and imperfect as it is Wm thinks he will be home on Wednesday.


  Remember me to the family and all friends



                                                                        L. Reynolds

John Reynolds Esq

Lancaster Penna