F&M 6/2/16     18311113 WR to JR Chambersburg


Chambersburg Saturday 10 oıclock



Dear Father


  On Thursday I commenced writing a letter to you and just finished, and a very long one it was, but when came to fold it up I found the writing showed in several places and I could fold in no other way so, I had nothing to do but commence this which I will take care to fold right.


  I believe I did not mention in my last (which I hope reached you safe) I have the receipt of your two favors, I recıd the one by a passenger just as I was getting up to start for Carlisle, the other traveled in the same stage with me to Carlisle and I recıd it in a short time after I arrived there.  However when Cox paid me the money, made up my mind to start for Carlisle in the 2 oıclock stage and directed Wilson if a letter came for me to send it on to Carlisle.  I settled with W. Hamilton the way he proposed, Chas Ogilby boards at Mr. Bells, the Stage House he went with me to Mr. Underwoods who pd me $2.50 for two of the charges Mr. Stiles pd $7.50 chg to the Volunteer for advg Stiles Estate & I. Lollinger pd $2.00 for advg for J. Lehman, he asked me if I had authority to collect it, I told him I had, I showed him your power he said that was sufficient.  Herald [      ] by cash if Mr. Rowan for advg  Dr. Rowans property, Mrs. Phillips said she has not been pd for any of the rest but would do her endeavors to collect them for you.  Rowans bill was $2.52 for his 2 he would pay two dollars and that was sufficient the other papers only chd him $1.75.  The Ed of the Republican was in Harrisburg.  I arrived in Shippensburg on Wednesday morng about 10 oıclock  Dr. Findly pad $10 on acct., he looks very well & has a very good practice.  John Duncan lives 1 ½ miles from Shippensburg I walked out, he pd me $12.00 deducting 20 p.c. from the bill $15.20.  P. Reynolds lives also 1 ½  miles from Shippensburg, I when there twice on Wednesday but he was not at home after breakfast next morning I went out again hw was at home then & pd me $5.25 he said if you had sent your bills sooner he would have paid.  Dr. Clune pd his bill $7.00.  Dr. Fry invited me to call at his house but I had not  the time.  I saw Grandfathers tomb stone it is a marble slab supported by stone walls the mortar has become loose & the stones are falling out the Inscription on it is ³Samuel Moore who died 12th September 1795 in the [   ] of his year.²  The church is in a separate part of the town there are 3 altogether.  I arrived here on Thursday morning about 12 oıclock, the Hagerstown stage started immediately after, it only runs 3 times a week, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, so that I had remain here until today with nothing to do, greatest part of the time.  Mr. Harper [     ] of [    ] when I first cm in told me I had came in a bad time he had just pd his landlord all his money asked he when I would leave this I told him Saturday  he said then I can pay in all or most of it, last evening he called me over & paid me Cash $30.00 for the 1st charge he had never recıd any thing for D. Gallienton he had been pd $1.50 our charge was $2.00.  I deducted the 50 cents & forwarding Public Sales Cash stock of 50 cents.  Making $4.00 please give him credit for $34.00 he said he had not time to look  over his papers but he supposed they had all been ordered in I told him anytime he had money Convenient if he would send by mail we would be much obliged to him he said he would but he would like very much if you would send him some thing to publish he might charge you for it was all on one side and that was not altogether fair.  I told him that there was never anything  to be sent out this way or he would have it.  He gave me the enclosed advt to be included in our paper 6 times & in a German paper 6 times bill to be sent in his newspaper in the name of Geo. S. Eyston & he would collect it. The Ed of the Republican pad $13.00 the bill was $14.50 he had been pd for 3 of the items each one dollar for Colhouns $9.00 he had not been pd but he would pay that as he was sure of being pd for it himself for the 1st charge he did not know how it would be about that he had done printing for them 2 years & had not been paid any thing yet, but if I would take 10 per cent off the bill he would pay it also.  I did so & gave him a receipt in full.  He said the other Printers to whom sent advts allowed him that much deduction & he allowed his agents that much on every advt they sent him & he had sent all the advt he had to send to our Office ( at his own option) he thought you ought to make so much deduction.  He had a receipt book for $12.00 at first & did not intend to pay the 1st charge then but when I told him I was deducting 10 per cent he paid the whole bill.  You will receive this on Sunday Evening, I expect to be in Frederick on Tuesday morning & Baltimore on Thursday.  I will hardly be done there before Saturday noon and then I will try to get to Philadelphia as soon as possible.  I would not like to go in the Steam Boat on Sunday as there is such a rabble generally on board that day, but I will know best when I get to Baltimore.  If you can spare me from home another Friday after next I would like to very much, I should like to stay a week in Philadelphia.  If I get there Monday Evening it will take me Tuesday & Wednesday to finish my business & Thursday to come home so that I could not go to the Navy Yard, the place I most wish to see, or to the Water Works.  If it will suit you to spare me from home a few days longer I will be very much obliged to you, I will have to regulate my traveling better.  Frederick & [Gap] so as to be at Ellicotts Mills in the day time, I do not know how the stages run between Baltimore & Frederick.  If you wish to write to me I will inquire for a letter at Frederick, Baltimore & Philadelphia.


  I went to the bank this morning & got a draft for E. Poultney [Bank] Philad for $75.00 which I enclose by the cashier himself was not in , but his Brother.


  If Cox had paid me on Saturday I would have been in Carlisle on Sunday Saw Penrose & Walts, Shippensburg on Monday Evening here Tuesday Evening when Dr. Harper could have paid the whole amount of his bill in Frederick tomorrow & have had time enough to see Philadelphia and home Wednesday night.


                                                                        Your affectionate Son

                                                                        Wm Reynolds


P.S. Mr. Harper desired me particularly to tell you to mark the Cost at the bottom of all the adrs sent from his office to be published in our Paper, he send another next week.