F&M 6/2/16      18311107 WR to JR Carlisle


Carlisle Monday Evening 6 oıclock



Dear Father


  I arrived here this morning about 6 oıclock.  We met with a small accident 6 miles from here.  The horses turned short round.  The stage was going over when the tongue broke.  There was 16 passengers 4 outside besides the Driver.  Three of us on a seat on the tope of the stage we had just got down the minute before the horses started.  If we had remained up we would have been in some danger.


  Yesterday after I thought, as I had nothing else to do, I might as well go out to Coxıs.  About ½ past 3 I started on foot, he was not a home but over at the canal 1 mile back of the road.  I went there and met him on the Canal Bridge.  Mr. Cox says I, I have wrote home for that order and expect it here this evening by the mail.   If you have read the terms, you have seen, that if it is not paid within the year it is [   ] $2.50 - - I expect your bill will be made out accordingly to the terms and amount of $30.00.  & I have come to tell you if you will pay me the $24.00 now I will give you a note in full if not when the order comes, it will perhaps be $30.00 I then read the terms on the paper.  Then I wonıt pay it and what will you do then says he; why we have a person in our county who is authorized to settle such business, and he would pay you a visit was my reply; O says he that is an everyday occurrence.  Such people are going about everyday & you need not think to scare me by adding $6.00 to your bill.  Well Mr. Cox when I get the order will you pay.  Yes I will he said although I never subscribed to the paper.  If you can show me my name on any subscription paper in Lancaster I will pay you double.  I told Hamilton to discontinue the paper, I paid him at the same time, it will still came on.  I told H&B to stop it, it still came.  It has come ever since, and here you want me to $30 for a thing I never make use of, for I never read it.  Mr. Cox have you ever ordered my father to stop your paper and were you not in town (L.) since your bill was sent to you.  I have been here five or six times, Mr. C did you ever call at the office to pay or discontinue your paper.  When people come to town they generally call to see about their paper;  Mr. C I never called.  Printers are always glad to get their money when they send for it & I shall be very glad to receive your amount; Mr. C show me your power, Iıll pay it; WR Mr. Cox do you think I would go about traveling in this manner collecting without authority to do so & I showed him some other bills & the kind with him till we came to his plan. (I have not time now to give any [       ] about Cox)  When I said to him Mr. C I will be out here this evening with the paper when I shall expect to be paid. There is no doubt of that.  When I see the order when he was on the porch, I started to go home he called me back & told me to bring the bill, receipt it & he would pay it.


  You have it, so I have come in, I recıd it and hold him it was paid till Jan 1, 1832 he said stop it as soon as you go home, I wonıt pay postage for it longer.  Good bye to Mr. Cox  When I write again or when I get home I will tell you further particulars of our conversation.  So you had better stop Coxıs paper at once.

  I send you $50 in this letter by Geo Steinman who is now here.


  I have the first chance on going in the fast line for Shippensburg this evening at 8 oıclock


            Hamilton pd                                        $10.00

            Welsh  -                                                   2.25

            Elder  -                                                                6.00

            Cox  -                                                    24.00

            Wilson  -                                               10.75    Bill 3.25

            Volunteer paid                                         2.50

            [Tollinger] for J. Lehman                        2.00

               & J. Stiles                                             7.50


                        Mrs. Philips has not pd anything she says She has not been paid, for any of the advt but she will [       ] endeavourers to collect and send on by the 1st opportunity.


Most of the lawyers have gone to Perry County.  Watts who was to pay for the Middlesex Mill advt  ck to Volunteer & Penrose are both are there.  Underwood will see Watts & if he pays him he will send it the 1st opportunity  He was very obliging to me by going with me to some of the paces as was allowed [   ] he was very well.


                                                                        Your Affectionate Son

                                                                        Wm Reynolds



Dr. Rowans advt.  will be paid this evening by one of his at least [        ] would I have not made out very well here not as well as in J. J. [   ] & Watts being away take off some thing.  Jno. Duncan lives in Shippensburg  I will call on him when I get there, which will  be if I get in the flying Stage  I went to Ring Walts but he was not home I could not see him  It is now past 7 oıclock & I have to call on Rowan and get ready to Start  I have wrote enough & am  [     ] excuse bad writing.


                                                                        Your affectionate Son

                                                                        Wm Reynolds


P.S. I had intended to send $50 but can only send $45.



John Reynolds Esq

Lancaster, Penna

Per Mr. Geo Steinman


[Unreadable pencil note on face of letter]