Lancaster Nov 7th 1831

My Dear Son


  Your two letters from Harrisburg came to hand last evening.  You will settle with Mr. Hamilton of the Chronicle as he proposes and with them all as well as you can.  If they have not gotten as much of the [   ] advertising as we have charged take what they have got.  I annex an order on Cox for amt. of his bill.  If it will detain you a day to present it you need not do it as I shall take the first opportunity of his passing through this place to send a messenger of the laws to pay his respects to him, but if you can it without delaying do so – I hope you will loose no time to again [   ] & if you have any time to observe in a place look around you.

Young Mr. Eichholtz contained a 5 dollar note.


This was on the side of the letter.  On a separate paper I send you a general power to receive & receipt for all money due me for sub[scriptio]n or adv[ertising].  JR

                                                            Your affectionate father Jno. Reynolds










Dollars 24                                                                                  Lancaster Nov 7th 1831

Please pay to my son William Reynolds twenty four Dollars being the amount due by your for subscription to Lancaster Journal to 1 Jany. next as per bill forwarded by his & his receipt shall be a sufficient discharge for the same.

                                                                        Jon. Reynolds


Mr. John B. Cox

Near Harrisburg




Archives and Special Collections Dept., Franklin and Marshal College MS6, Series II, Box 1 Folder 18