F&M 6/2/16     18311106 WR to JR Harrisburg


Harrisburg Sunday Morning [11-6-1831]

                                                                                    8 O¹clock



Dear Father


   I saw Mr. H. Eicholtz just now, who will start about I o¹clock for Lancaster and thinking he would be in L. before the mail (by which you will receive another letter left there last evening in which there is an account of the money I rec¹d) I thought I would write you these lines also sending you $5.00 rec¹d from Mr. Elder.


  Yesterday about 2 o¹clock I hired a horse and started for Mr. Cox¹s he lives 4 miles from here, he was not at home when I cam, there.  I was told he was not at home but at his distillery 3 miles further on, when there, he had just gone to Mc Allisters, 1 mile further, when there had just gone home, went there and there he was, just arrived.  I handed him the bill, he turned it around & said this is a mere circular.  I won¹t pay bills of so large an amount to minors.  I told him I was your son he asked if I had the power to collect it.  I told him I had, where is it said he.  I told him I had not a written one¹ when you show me a written order from your father I will pay and not till then was his reply.  I told him other people had paid me bills and did not know more about me than he did, but nothing would do, he turned about and went off.  He kept the Bill.  If you will make out his bill and receipt with your name it will be better.  Please send me a general order authorizing me to collect your accounts and I think there will be no further difficulty.


  It was 5 o¹clock when I came back from Cox¹s and I had not time to call on any persons that evening so I concluded it would be best for me to stay here today and tomorrow (Monday).  If I get your answer till tomorrow evening by the swift line at 5 o¹clock I will go out to Cox¹s directly after receiving your letter and start for Carlisle in the 2 o¹clock A.M. Stage.  I will have all the other business done in the morning.


                                                Your Affectionate Son

                                                  Wm Reynolds


Send to the Post Office when the Harrisburg mail comes this evening and you will get my letter.

Eicholtz is waiting for this

I am going to the Presbyterian Church


P.S. I think you may as well charge Cox at the rate of $2.50 after the trouble we have had with him.  I told him that I had gone to some expense in horse hire & c and would like to have some money that we had sent before for the money.  It had stood 12 years and it was time it was paid but he said you must send again for it and put your name to the receipt before he would pay it.

I talked very civilly to him all the time.