F&M 6/2/16    18311105 WR to JR Harrisburg


Harrisburg November 5th 1831

Half Past 5 O¹clock P.M.


Dear Father


   I arrived here safe after a very pleasant ride last evening about ½ 12 o¹clock and have just now came from Mr. Cox¹s


   He said he could not pay a bill of so large an amount to a minor without an order and wanted to see mine.  I told him I had none with me but I was your son and my receipt would be as good as any other persons, he said he did not know that it would, he would not pay it till he had an order from you.  I talked a good while with him but it wouldn¹t do, he said when I would show him an order he would pay it, it was a mere circular and he must have better authority, I told him I would get it and determined to [remain] here till I would get an order from you, which I expect will be Sunday evening or Monday morning.  I think after so much trouble he should be made to pay at the rate of $2.50 per anum terms which will be $36.  If you will send me a general order to receive all accounts due you I think it will be better than to be without one.


   Thomas Elder pd $6.00 & Discd Jan. 1, 1832.  H. Welsh paid $4.25 his bill $3.  The first item he had never seen the mail, the advt was sent to him from Lancast. Co with directions to be published in a L. Paper, He said I should call on Benjm Kreider clerk of O.C. [Orphan¹s Court] to see if the man had settled his account, leave the bill there for his atty and for ours and for him to Collect.


  Wm Wilson is not here himself.  The old man that kept bar for [Perkins] is here.  G. Fisher lives in Middletown, his brother takes the paper from the office.  I was at his office 6 or 7 times today but could not find him.  I will see him on Monday.


I saw Thos. Wallace as I was going to Cox¹s with a boat load of wood on the canal.  I am to call thee this evening when he will pay.  Hamilton will pay his with some alterations.  I will make 4 separate bills 1 for each account [       ]  1st J. Rutherfords from $2.25 – 25 cents is to be taken off for Chas Kunkles Estate he will pay the whole and as it is a nice one $4.00.  Elius Plodget is a poor man from $3.00 it is to be lowered to $2.00 & Susquehanna Agency will pay the full amount $2.00.  In all $10.00 $1.25 less the original (please advised on this) though I have not much doubt that you will agree to it.  Jno. Wyeth lives in Philad. His son lives.  I called on him he said it was is father & if I would leave the bill he would collect it when he saw him.  I told him I would be in Philad. He then gave me his number 77 Woodstock.


  Walter Franklin is not here, he is expected tonight or tomorrow.


   The Penna Intelligencer was Edited at the time of Fisher by Krause & [    ] or Krause & Cameron, I called on Krause he said he sold all the Books along with the office but he would examine the books and told me to call again before I left this place.


   I believe I have given you an act. of all the Bills and will not wait for the arrival of your letter.


  Excuse Bad writing as supper is ready.


                                                                        Your affectionate son

                                                                        Wm Reynolds




John Reynolds Esq

Lancaster, Penna



It has to be delivered

As soon as possible