F&M 6/2/16


Lancaster March 13th , 1824


My Dear Father,


  You will esccuse this first attempt I make in writing a letter though I may may not succeed very well  I had a bad cold and fever and I have not been at school for a week the Doctor promised me some medicine but has forgotten not any of us has taken the vaccinations   My mother can come down stairs a little and the nurse has left her and she moved the cradle in nursery and she expects a great deal of trouble with so many noisy and so disobedient children as we are.  The boys are going to act another show and we darenšt go but the next  We may perhaps my sister can spell all the words in her less and I am in Troy weights in ciphering  My cousin William from Lebanon came to see us last night and told us about Mr. Glorans having his great coat and his carpet taken to Philadelphia and sold there but he got them again.  I remain Dear Father


                                                                        Your affectionate Son

                                                                        William Reynolds




John Reynolds Esq