Washington City May 28th 1838

My dear Sister,


I have rec'd your letters, but not the paper

containing an account of the Parade & Ball, it must have

gone astray.  I have been so much occupied, in various ways

for the last two weeks, that I have lacked the time, to

write to you.  The Regatta I suppose you saw mentioned in the

Intelligence.  I figured away at the dance afterwards, in

Uniform, as I was one of the givers of the Fete.   I the

hitherto retired and obscure one, "led off the Ball", with

Georgy Patterson, having a list of distinguished beauties &

celebrated beaux in my wake, 'twas quite a step, a leap,

for poor me to take,  but I was Aid de Camp to the Lady

Patroness, and in course, we took the lead.  I never before

saw so many beautiful women in one room, they were lovely,

the music was that, to which we waltzed Mahon, and I was

charmed, delighted, this was my first & great outbreak, since

then I have visited a little.  Miss Hay is very beautiful,

at their house I am now quite at home.  At Mrs Bache's I met

Miss Boyce, sister of the Captain, had a terrible long walk

with her. discussing various personages in & about Lancaster,

same place met Miss Wilkins from Pittsbur, beaud her two

miles on foot, it is horrible this ‘seeing Ladies home’.  I’ve

walked 10 miles with them, on Saturday to & fro  Miss

Matildo Bache will be married tomorrow evening.  I shall not

go.  I heard of Liz Hane's intended marriage some weeks ago

from Dr. Houston.  Miss Wllkins says Anne Schrenberg is to

have Mr. Watts, at last.    I could not go to the wedding

at Brentwood, because of the non arrival of my clothes,

on that day,  a letter came from Philad'a announcing the

death of my tailor Mr. Grouse.


I am as one of the BEplorers, The Ex is to

sail before the 10th of August, I shall be very busy, I do

not know when I can come home.  I will want more red flannel

shirts & drawers made, and the old ones will come into use.

Save my white hat.  I will take it, as we will be much in

hot latitudes also.  In a short time I will be able to make

certain arrangements, as soon as May returns from Balt &

Capt Wilkes from New York, whither he has gone, I shall soon

be drawing the $1300.        


Pray tell me where Marshall College is & who

went with James?  Will Father go to West Point in June?


I will write next week when I hope to have more

leisure,  my love to all

Yr affec Brother

Wm Reynolds