Philadelphia December 15th ’37


My dear Sister,


I came up to the City the day before yesterday,

will return to the Ship at New Castle in the morning, & I

suppose we will be underweigh Sunday or Monday, to go down to

the Capes, with the first fair wind we will then clear away

for Norfolk.


I met Mr. Boyd at Heads when I went to get Commodore Stewart’s

permission to remain here, he was kind enough to introduce me

to the Commodore & I got my leave without any difficulty.


Mrs Aspinwall is quite well, she will see company this

evening, & leave in the morning for New York.  I have met

Miss Ann C several times in the street, she is enjoying herself

very much, but says she must go home next week, as they are in

trouble in York.


Mr. Witmer will take up to Lancaster when he goes at

Christmas, a dress made of bark, from the shores of the Red

Sea, & leave it at Mrs. Hubley’s, from whence Father or Sam can

take it home.


Aunt & our cousin send love to you all, I will write

from Norfolk.  I shall not expect any letter from home

until I let you know what will become of me, for I may remain

at Norfolk, go to Washington, come here, or be sent somewhere,

as soon as I know the certainity I will write.  & with love to all


I am you afft Brother

Wm Reynolds


L.M. Reynolds

Cornwall Furnace