U.S.Ship Pennsylvania

Philadelphia November 22d, 1837

My dear Sister,


Your letter came yesterday, I was very glad to

hear from you & to learn that all were well & comfortably fixed.

The Witmers have been expecting Aunt & you for some time past,

tho’ I told them that you could not possibly come, the will now look

for Aunt in December, & still hope you will accompany her.

Monday they came on board the Ship  and were very much pleased

with their visit.  Saturday visitors were allowed on board &

since then we have been overflowed with people, quite crowded,

crammed with all kinds of folks, among them the greatest number

of pretty ladies, 100 young girls from some school came on

board yesterday among them were the most beautiful faces I ever

saw.  I have not been idle, & have become so expert at

explaining, I would suit the Menagerie, I have enjoyed

these past days very much, fortunately the weather has been

as soft & balmy as Spring & I hope will so continue.  Miss Ann

Coleman was not here, Izzy was with Mrs. Cassat.


I called at their parlour & made myself known to Mrs C

but did not see them afterwards.


I was at Mrs E Coleman’s yesterday to see if they would

wish to see the ship, but the ladies were all out.


Saturday is the time now fixed for going to Chester, but

if we get away the middle of next week, I wonder, at all

events we shall be at Chester on my birthday.  I suppose

Father will not be here at that time if he goes the route you

mentioned.  I wish he were here to see the ship.  You can

write to me again, the letter will not be lost.  You must excuse

the shortness of my letter, for really the life of excitement I

am leading now, does not allow me to give you more lengthy

ones.  With love to all, & from the Witmers also.


I am your affte Brother

Wm. Reynolds


L.M. Reynolds

Cornwall Furnace