Portsmouth, Febry 14th 1837

My dear Sister,


Your letter of the 5th came on Friday last just

a month from the date of your last, rather to long a time for

you to allow to pass without writing.  Miss Summers I rec’d

a few days previous, & I shall answer it in a day or two.  She

was quite well, & also her Father & Mother.


I am happy ot hear that you have had some gaiety afloat

in Lancaster this winter, & I should like very much to have

been a participant in them, & behold the beauty you mention.

I have not been idle here in that way for I have been to many

parties lately, have had a siege of waltzing, & which is not

yet ended, for more are to come, & I find a little amusement

gives me a greater relish for Bowditch, I wish the examination

next week.


I would have made good use of the sleigh & horses had I

been home & I should have dispensed with the drivers attendance,

that is what we here do not enjoy. Snow we have had in

abundance, but it never lasts long enough. & if if did, horses

& sleighs would be wanting, there are only two of the latter

in Norfolk & Portsmouth. Sam came out in the dance, quite a

circumstance, his letter accompanied yours. You tell me you

go to Cornwall in the Spring, but when & how & all the particu-

lars you neglect.  What time in the spring.  What will be done

with the old house, will you live in the new house there, will

Annie C be with you & all about it. you forgot to mention, in

the later part of June, I expect to return, will you be then

in Lancaster or Cornwall.


I cannot tell you what I want the Red Handkf preserved

for but be very careful of it.


The President has nominated for promotion 10 Master

Commdt to be Port Captains. 20 Lieuts to be Master Commdt,

40 P.M. to be  Lieuts. & as there appears no prospect of a

Navy Bill passing, I am very glad he has done so & perhaps

next session, we may have the Navy increased. I would give

the world to have a war with Mexico, it would promote us all

immediately, but I am afraid Santa Anna will be gladly received

by the Mexicans & there away goes all hope of a war, by the way

I saw him when he was in Norfolk.


I am writing this in a great hurry as you may perceive &

have not time for more. So with my love & remembrance to you



I am your affectionate brother

Wm Reynolds


P.S. Tell John to write me, I want a history of Adah from him.