U.S. Ship Potomac

Gibraltar Bay May 3rd, 1835


My dear Sister,


I wrote to Mother the day we arrived here,

& was in great haste at the time as we were told the Brig

would sail in sail in a few hours, she did not go for some days after-

wards. I had a letter ready to send by her for Sam, but

in the mean time we were blown out to sea in a gale from

the Eastward, having lost two anchors, our going out was so

unexpected, that we left a boats crew & one of the Lieutenants

on board of the Delaware, of course our sea stores had not

been laid in & meagre was our food during the 8 days which

rolled by, and found us still at sea, on the 8th the wind

hauled, and we run back through the Straits, & I played

knife and fork for some days to a good purpose, we were not

far from Cape Spartet while we were out.


The last news from France, is that the Chambers are

now discussing our claims, & are rather disposed to liquidate

them, the result will be known in a few days. The

Constitution is off Havre, I am very happy to hear that

Hubbley Jenkins is on board her. I hope you sent some

letters and papers by him. Arrivals from home have been

very few during the past two or three months, the last a Brig

from Boston, by papers brought by her we saw that the Pay

Bill had passed, but have not rec'd official information

of it, which we are now anxiously waiting for. I long to

draw on the Purser for the $40.OO a month.


We wait here for certain information from France,

should it be favorable, we will immediately go to the

Eastward, if otherwise we will make a strait wake for Home,

I hope it will be the latter.


Remember me to all my friends, and do mention them

when you write, if you would only send some papers they would

give me general news. Harrietts birthday will be next

month, I must buy her something pretty, has she forgotten

Naughty William yet, with my tender regards to the young

ladies & my love to you all


I am your most affectionate Brother


Wm. Reynolds


Sams letter will go by the vessel that takes this.

May 7th Last evening the mail from France brought the

intelligence of the French Government’s having determined

to pay our claims, confound them, tomorrow we are off for