Hd Qrs. 1st Army. Corps

Camp near Sharpsburg, Md.

Oct. 25 1862


My dear Sisters,

Hal's letter of the 12th, Kate's of the 8th came today—Ellie’s of the 3rd sending the express bill for the Package and one of Augt. 17—came a few days since to which both of you contributed.  The Caps came long before the letter and were very much admired and I think improvements on last year's.  I do not know whether I told you but the traps came safely to Washington when I sent for them and am much obliged to Jim for his attention to the same.  I suppose he has the receipt of the Qr. Master for the horses.  If so he can keep it for the present, as I do not want the money though if he is at anytime in Washington he might apply at the Qr. Mr. Gen'l's office for payment.

I am at present in comd. of Hooker's Corps and the 12th is in the Reserve Corps Division under Meade.  I was over the other morning to see them and took tea with Col. Biddle and his wife.  It is a very fine Regt. and promises to be very well instructed.  The 142 is also in the Reserve Corps and the 136 in Rickett’s Div.  We are preparing for a move but cannot get supplied with clothing for the men.  There is some strange delay in forwarding it yet it is possible since Stewart’s exploits we may wait for the River to rise before we leave this point.

The two packages you allude to as having been sent by Jim and Jennie—I don't think ever reached me.  The only one I got was one sent by Lamborn from Harrison's Landing to Richmond—it contained stockings and undershirts.

Robt. Coleman was here a few days ago but did not stay long.  Much of the time he spent at the 18th and I did not see much of him.  I did not understand him to say he intended to join the Army at all.  I am sorry you lost the slips from the Harrisburg paper—there was one also from a Hollidaysburg paper which I think I must have put in the same package.  If you saw the account of the Review of the Army by the Presdt in the Tribune and I think the Phila. Enquirer had the same “account” you would have seen by that I was in command of Hooker's Corps.  Last Saturday eve I rec'd a note from Will asking me to let him know where I was.  He wanted to see the Army so much he intended to turn up the next day and how he should get to my Corps.  I accordingly telegraphed him at Williard's stating that Mail Wagon from here would be at Harper's Ferry waiting for him and it was so far two days and I had the man enquire for him but no Will came.  It is rather a rough trip.  He spoke of George Gildersleeve coming with him but I suppose we must give them up now.  I see by the papers he is ordered to the Vermont at Port Royal.  It surprised me very much to learn that he was able to go about.

As to the Estate and what I have rec'd from it; I have not the least idea.  I wish it could be ascertained by some one what the conditions of affairs is.  I think you have an account of all the money I have ever rec'd.  The amount rec'd from Sam I have no idea of unless he states the sums—what I wrote to him in ‘60 must have been the account you have in your possession.  I do not know I could have stated any amt. in any other way.  There ought to be some Gen'l Statement made out for all of us showing the exact state of the account with each.  It is I suppose impossible to get anything out of Jim Reynolds.  The papers you have in your possession show all that I have rec'd except it may be which Sam has paid me on one or two different occasions amt’g in all to some $1000, for which he has receipts I suppose.

I believe I have answered all your questions as well as I can.

I regret I did not go to Frederick and will do so yet if I have the opportunity.  How would it do to send Cousin Catherine some money.  Believe me ever

Your affectionate Brother

John F. Reynolds


Miss Hal Reynolds

         Phila, Pa.