Camp near Munson's Hill

Sept. 6th 1862


My dear Sisters,

I rec'd your letters 3 in number since my arrival at this place but amid all our movements have hardly had time to read them much less answer them.  We are all well in health, that is I am, but everyone else is sick, sick always when they are wanted.  I have only Kingsbury, Lamborn, and Riddle with me, and this to command a Division is a very small staff.  We are on the move again to Leesboro on the Washington side of the Potomac and north of the City about 10 miles.  I do not know what the movement portends except that the enemy are evidently bent on an invasion of the North.

I saw all this when we evacuated the Peninsula and attempted to hold the line of the Rappahannock.  I have not time to write you.  God bless you all & believe me Your affectionate Brother

John F. Reynolds


Miss Ellie Reynolds

         Lancaster, Pa.