Fort Preble, Maine

October 6th 1849


My dear Sister Ellie,

Your letter was quite a surprise, and that it was a pleasurable one.  I scarcely need add.  It was really very kind in you to think of writing to your Brother who would never have thought of writing to you, had you not so forcibly brought it to his mind.  But you know I have no particular fancy for writing letters, and this only is the reason why I do not write unless I am compelled to by some strong reasons.

I am glad to hear you have got over your home-sickness.  You ought not to be unhappy so near home and with so many of your friends with you—particularly in such a beautiful spot as Litiz, the name of which always brings to my mind some of the most pleasing recollections of my school boy days.  I remember my boarding house just opposite your school, and the kind, good old Mrs. [Kreamer?], with a pleasure almost boyish and think the days free from trouble and anxiety, that I spent under her motherly care, as among the most happy of my life.  So will you, one day, think of them that are now passing with you.  Do not lament them!

I have just had another and greater surprise in a letter from Jane, rec’d to day, informing me of her engagement.  I wish her every joy and happiness and will write her my congratulations in a few days.

I am very busy now, and have not time to write you as long a letter as I could wish, but I hope to be at home by the end of this month, and you must be with us.

I enclose you, Ellie, a Gold Dollar, which keep as long as you can to remember

Your affectionate Brother



Miss Ellie Reynolds

Litiz, Penna.


Give my love to all at home when you write!