Camp near Alexandria, Va.

March 22nd 1862


My dear Sister,

Ellie’s letter from Lydia's (dated 15) came yesterday.  We have been here since Sunday last, awaiting transportation by water where to is not known precisely; tho’ somewhere from Aquia Creek to Old Point must be the scene of the future operations of the Army of the Potomac.  One Corps has already sailed and ours goes next.  You have seen the order in the papers, I suppose.  We are in McDowell's Corps—possibly Monday will find us off too.

From your last I did not expect to hear of little Harry E's being alive.  I hope his chance is favorable for recovery, yet, from your account of him.  I hope Kate and her tribe will be benefited by the change to the country.  The accounts from Will are favorable tho’ I think he may as well give up all hope of being of any service in this war, as the Rebellion is likely to be decided one way or the other by the events now in progress and that before very long

I enclose you a Cheque for $109 Paym't.  Rochesters are the best Treasurer Nts., which I think you had better invest, in some of the City securities, tho' I know nothing about them.  Harry can do as best he thinks.  With love to you all.

Believe Me,

Your affectionate Brother

John F. Reynolds


Miss Ellie Reynolds,

         Phila, Pa.



Friday, A.M.  Harry had a miserable night—restless almost beyond control at times.  He slept about two hours but not soundly even then.

         This is a perfect day & I hope to take a long walk.  I feel like another creature from my good walk yesterday & shall continue that exercise as long as I can.  Sister L. never goes out of the house, indeed she never walks when Harry is not sick.  Katy is anxiously counting the day till [Maze?] comes.  I expect she will be home on Thursday.

         Mrs. Temple has been very ill  ______ with congestion of the brain & _____ has been busy nursing her.  I hope you will not forget my promise to return to B. if Will wants me.  Love to all from all, your affec. sister

Ellie Reynolds