Camp Pierpont, Va.

February 2nd 1862


My dear Ellie,

         Your note from Baltimore came during the first part of the week.  Glad to learn you are having such a charming time with Jenny—almost equal to Washington, I suppose, except the beaux.  It was gratifying to know of Will's safe arrival and that he had seen Dr. Smith.  Tell him that I have not been in Washington since the Sunday while you were there and consequently could make no inquiry after his letters.

         I asked the Captain about the [Hackline?].  He did not pay for yours.  When I do get to town I'll make inquiry at the office of the Hotel and pay for it.  Something very unusual for them to forget or omit in the bill.  If Washington and the roads about it were bad when you were here, they are now ten times more—almost impassable—and the camps are nothing but mud.

         Col. and Mrs. Roberts were out today, the occasion being the presentation of a sword to Col. R., a full account of which no doubt will be seen in the papers.  They brought Becky's present and letter for which she shall have my thanks in a special document to herself—they are very nice and a decided improvement on the ones I had which had stretched beyond all bounds.  The news of Will's chance of being on his legs soon again is very satisfying and I hope he will be able to "grin and bear it."

         With much love to Jenny and George, Will and little Will—believe me.

Your affectionate Brother

John F. Reynolds


Miss Ellie Reynolds

Baltimore, Md.