Camp Pierpont, Va.

January 17, 1862


My dear Sisters,

         I had intended coming in this morning, but having been out part of the day, I returned so much covered with mud that I am loath to make another trial of it to-day, as it involves cleaning up only to be muddied over again, so I will come tomorrow morning in time to take breakfast with you; that is, by half past eight or nine o’clock, unless something should prevent my leaving or the Weather prove too bad to be faced by my delicate Phiz! and you can wait 'till that late hour for your morning meal.

         I suppose as you are only going to Balt. that you will not leave before the middle of the day sometime.

Yours &c.

John F. Reynolds


Miss Ellie Reynolds

         Williards Hotel

                  Washington, D.C.