Camp Pierpont, Va.

Jan. 12, 1862


My dear Sister,

         Yours of the 8th inst. came.  Also, Harry's telegram.  I forgot to mention anything about repaying him the $125 he paid Mr. Duncan for me but by his letter rec'd since, his memory I find is better than mine.  I of course intended it and am very sorry I have kept him out of the use of the amount so long.  If it inconvenienced him in any manner I wish him to reimburse himself to the full extent of the law. 

         I rode into town yesterday afternoon and found the whole party—Will, Becky, the Steinman, and Shoenberger tribes--at the Hotel (Willard's).  Will has not been well since he arrived.  His duties took him up to the top of the "Treasury Building," which he accomplished twice, I believe, much to his discomfort, and probable injury.  He looks badly I think, tho' his Dr.s here give him great encouragement. 

         About your coming to Washington, I do not think it possible at this time, and particularly for Kate with her young family.  The Small Pox is in the City (they say neighborhood of the Hotel), and is increasing—this latter is not positive, however.  Any quantity of "Typhoid" no doubt as to this fact.  So when you are nice off at home I think the risks should not be encountered for the simple gratification of "Sight-Seeing." 

         Board is at the Hotel $2.75 a day but expenses might be put down in round numbers at $3.50.  This should, however, be no matter as I would bear all that, if I thought it was an extensively prudent or necessary measure, which I leave you to judge, taking Harry into the council in the matter. 

With much love to all, believe me

Your affectionate Brother

John F. Reynolds


         I rec'd your package, or mine rather, by Ed' Shoenberger.  I am much obliged to Kate and to Harry for their troubles.  The coat I meant was my new coat, but I do not care about it particularly now. 

         I have just rec'd from Maj. Kendrick $300 for my furniture left at West Point, about half what it cost me I think, but very glad to get it and to get rid of the encumbrance.  I can devote that to your rent here if you come.  If not, I will send it to Harry to issue in the manner he may judge best, which I would have to do with the $300 minus the $125.  The box I sent home contained my writing Desk and is of no very great moment.  If it arrives safely, tell Harry to send it to the Cabinet makers and have it thoroughly overhauled and put in order.  It was falling to pieces from the ride across the plains and I could not have it repaired here.  Pay for it out of my money.