Fort Preble, Maine

January 31st 1849


My dear Hal,

The Scarf came safely to hand to-day and is really beautiful to say nothing of its useful qualities, which have already made me the envy of the whole Garrison.

The “delay” is excused, laziness too.  You really deserve a letter full of thanks.  I wish you would consider this one as so, for really I do not know how else I can fill it.  We are snowed up here, and have been excepting a day or so, since I returned which I did on the 15th only a few day’s over my leave.  I find things pretty much as I left them.  Maj. Anderson and Mrs. were living in town when I arrived but came down yesterday and are now [instated?] at the Port; this will make it somewhat more pleasant than before, tho’ we are dull enough.  I have been to town but once, since my return and then to make some purchases, furniture, &c.  There have been two private parties and one public lately in town to all of which we have been invited as belonging to the “upper [tendom?]” as ______ would say, but I have not attended any as yet.

I saw by the papers the arrival of the “Alleghany” at Lisbon where I suppose Will spent his Christmas.

I am glad Jane is enjoying her visit tho’ you do not say whether [Rebecca?] is still in Phila. or not; I suppose she is.

Tell Jim I rec’d his note & letter and am much obliged &c., &c.  Ask him when you write again to give me the names of the Cigars he got for Robt—both kinds—which kind was the mildest—also the price of such.  I wish to send to Sam. Witmer for some.  We can get nothing but trash here, which to a person who smokes as much as I do is not only disagreeable but injurious.  Ask Jane if she did not put a cigar can in my pocket in Phila. or ______.  Thank her at once for her present for I know she must have done it.

I suppose Father has heard nothing of our Mr. Buchanan?

Give my love to all, at home, and when you write, to Lydia and all who are not.  I suppose Aunt has recovered tho’ you do not mention it.

Write soon again some of you, and give me all the news of Lancaster.  I am sorry all your neighbours have colds.  Why don’t Jim recommend the water cure to them? tho’ in Miss Bryan’s case I object to cold water being thrown on so fair a subject.  Good night.

Your loving Brother




Miss Hal. Reynolds

         Lancaster Pa.


Imagine the rest of this sheet filled up with—Thanks! Hal!  Thanks! for the Scarf!

I think I’ll follow your plan and write on note paper hereafter.  Then by writing larger I think I can fill it up.




         Miss H. Sumner Reynolds

                  Lancaster, Pa.