I have only this scrap of paper left and the waiter must answer the bill, so please excuse the apparent negligence of this hastily written note.


Washington, D.C.

September 17. 1861


My dear Sisters,

I will be occupied tomorrow and cannot write until some in the evening.  You will no doubt be surprised to learn of my being here.  I did not think any orders changing my destination could reach me before I should reach Hatteras, yet by Saturday's mail I rec'd orders to join the Army of the Potomac, and left that afternoon, reaching here on Sunday (by way of Baltimore) and did not see anyone in Balt. either way.  At Old Point I saw Mrs. Capt. Reynolds who knew Kate in Phila.  And many of my Army friends who appeared very much rejoiced at my assignment to Hatteras, regretted my change of destination.

Since I have been here I have been assigned a Brigadier in McCall's Division, and rode out today to see them and the grounds they are occupying in camp near Tenally town, not far from the Chain Bridge, tho' not on the sacred soil of Virginia, being on this side of the Potomac.  I am to have the 1st Brigade consisting of the 1st Penna. Cav., (One Jones’ Regt. from Phila.) the 5th, 2nd, & 8th Regt. of Infy, and expect to get finally settled in camp by day after tomorrow. 

With much love to all,

Believe me. Yours affection

Brother John F. Reynolds