West Point, N.Y.

July 1, 1861

My dear Sisters,

         I rec'd Ellie's note from Lancaster and have only time to say that I have been relieved of duty here and have been ordered to New London Conn. to recruit my Regt.--but will be detained a few days as a witness before a Court in session here.  Capt. Auger of the 4th Infy (who married Jane Arnold who Jane and Kate knew at school) has been ordered in my place.  He was my selection.

         I have had every expression of regret from both Officers and Professors here at my leaving them and what is more flattering--great rejoicing amongst the Cadets at their being relieved of me.

         I will try and be in Phila. for a day or two after I put things in train at New London and will let you know the probable time.

In great haste.

Believe me Your affectionate


John F. Reynolds


Miss Reynolds





July 4th 1861


My dear Ellie,

         I have only time to say that Edd & Mary are both [__].  Edd was taken day before yesterday (Tuesday) & Mary in the [___].  Mary’s is from her teeth.  Edd’s is dysentery.  Dr. thought at first it was billious fever.  He has had a very high fever; is better today; Mary too--he requires all my attention.  I only stole time to see the process.  Dr. said I should, he was ___.  I will send for you if I need you, can’t go to the country in Sat- [illegible].  Can’t write any more.

Love to Mrs. M.--write soon

in haste, Kate



July 5th


         Will’s[?] letter came yesterday afternoon.  We can’t get off this week sometime near it depends on Edd.  He is better today but not well enough to be up.  Mary had a bad night again, and seems weak; can’t stand on her feet as she did.  Write soon.

in haste


I have not time to write more, have plenty to say.



Sunday, July 7, 1861

10 P.M.


My dear sisters,

         I wrote you on Friday.  I think that eve. I went to a little party at [__ Frazers].  Had a real nice time tho’ the beans were what Hal would call “boy beans.”  Send three letters to [Janey?].  I had a note from her today.  I think now as ____ is to be home I will go home from from here […] so as to see him & then we can go to C.F.  Let me know what you think of that.  Mr. B. was here this eve & said tho’ he did not want to shorten my visit but anytime when I was ready he would [send?] in for [me?]  Have not seen [Hattie?] since ____ ___.  ___ & I ___ ____ out tomorrow afternoon & the eve. we are to spend at [____ Cortons?].  I think I will go to Wheatland on Saturday or Monday.  Have not yet said so to ___ ____, but will soon.  There was to have been a pic-nic at Wabank but the gents. could not get it up.  Love to all.  Will write again as soon as I hear from you. -- E.R.


I am so sorry for Eddie & Mary.  Mr. [Shup?] dined down stairs as the ___ & walked as far as the bark house.