West Point, N.Y.

Nov. 19th 1860


Dear Sam,

I have to acknowledge the receipt of your cheque for three hundred & thirteen dollars & thirty-nine cents ($313.39), balance due me in your hands as per your enclosed acc. sent by a former letter.

I have the acc. & shall preserve it as a matter of course as well as Hal & Elly’s.  The letter shows that I have rec’d from the estate, if I can make it out rightly, about $3,666; this, with your acc. makes about $4,364.67.  It certainly is not more than this & may not be so much.  I cannot tell exactly from this acc. what came from the estate & what I bought myself, though they (H. & E.) can.

The news from Will is bad enough & I fear is only too true, & what will become of Becky if should lose him out there.

We are in the midst of troubles everywhere now & in the present unsettled state of the country we may well ask what is to become of us as well.  Even here we feel the effects of this sad condition of affairs, however I hope there will be found a way out [of] all the difficulties, & by a moderate course on the part of both north & south, these old feuds be banished forever.  I have not yet made up my mind to leave this place, and so long as I do remain here I see no possibility of my getting away even for a day.  So I must give up all ideas of destroying any of your quail this year, and probably __ next, you will not be at Castle Finn.  I have never had duty to so where my time has been taken up so thoroughly & completely as it is here.

Regards to Mrs. R. & believe me.

Your affectionate Brother,

John F. Reynolds



S.M. Reynolds, Esq.

         Castle Finn P.O.

                  York Co., Pa.


Excuse these hasty scrawls.