West Point, N.Y.

Sept. 20th 1860


My dear Sister,

Excuse the delay of my congratulations on the occasion of the advent of a daughter in the Landis family, but I have been so busy.  So much occupied in assuming my new duties that I have had hardly a moment to pause for anything.  I therefore join with you in congratulation in the subject at this late day, & am rejoiced to learn that Kate is doing so well.

I have now been on duty here for a week trying to persuade myself that I shall like it but notwithstanding the kind reception I have met with on all sides from my friends here I have not made up my mind fully on the subject.

Col. Hardee, whom I relieved here, has his family with him & as it is rather early for them to go to their home in Florida, I have not disturbed him in his home, where they will remain until the end of the month.  I was under great obligations to some of the members of it when I was sick in St. Augustine & of course was very glad to have it in my power to make any return to them for kindness for which I have been so long a debtor.  In the meantime I have been staying with my old friend Maj. Kendrick who has been kind enough to ask after you all, whom he remembered very well.

I will try for a week or so longer the duties which I find very disagreeable to me, so different from any thing I have ever had before, & so confining, annoying, & various that I have hardly yet had time to test them fully—then I can make up my mind as whether I will remain or not.  Of one thing I am certain: that the position to be filled [properly?] is no “sinecure” for anyone.  It is [a?] most exacting one to the patience, industry & temper of any person, & of course very different from commanding men.

Give my love to all when you write.  Kiss the baby for me & believe me ever,

Your affectionate Brother,

John F. Reynolds


Miss Ellie Reynolds,

         Philadelphia, Penna.