Ft. Vancouver, W.T.

April 28th 1860


My dear Sister,

Yours of the Feb. 17th & Jan. 3rd came in due season, allowing for the irregularity of the mails between this & San Francisco in the winter months, for they came in the same mail.

We have settled down to our ordinary quiet here; no excitement of any kind now.  The San Juan affair has sunk to quiet! & the mining operations dwindled to insignificance, that is the “Simillkameen” & Frazers River mines, and save amusement in the way of a theatre in the Garrison by the soldiers we have nothing [humorous?].  I have had my time principally occupied in filling up my Company here in all respects so that I can leave it this summer, and have still something to do to complete this work, so that I cannot say positively what time I may get away from here, or when I shall go first!  If it were not summer I would not hesitate to run over to the Sandwich Islands & may yet do so notwithstanding I have not applied for any leave of absence as yet, but have no doubt I can obtain whatever I ask for.

The mail closes in a few minutes & I have scrawled these hasty lines for which I offer no apology, but will write you more fully of my plans for the summer the next mail.

Give my love to all,

         & believe me.

Your affectionate Brother,

John F. Reynolds


Miss Ellie Reynolds,

         Care of H.D. Landis

                  Spruce Street, Phila.


It was a narrow escape you & Hal had from your driving in the country & fortunate it resulted in nothing more.


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