Camp at Ft. Dalles, Or.

Sept. 6th 1859


My dear Sisters,

I arrived here yesterday, after a march of 838 miles from Camp Floyd, which place we left on the 27th of June—71 days including our stoppages.  Having brought my train & command over in very fair condition, considering the road we have had to travel, here we are at the end of our land journey, and will after resting a few days ship the Battery by waler [sic] to Vancouver, 90 miles down the river.  Our march has been tedious but very successful & we will all be glad to get into comfortable quarters once more; glad too to get away from Camp Floyd & the despicable Mormons.  I see since we left they have detected them in forgery, largely the Qr. Mr’s cheques.  This is quite of a price with them & the Church authorities are undoubtedly at the bottom of it, but nothing will be done with them, any more than will be done with the murderers of the Parish family.  I think this is greatest disgrace the country has ever had to bear—this Mormon community living in the heart of the country in open defiance of all our laws & we obliged to submit to all their villianous [sic] practices—but enough of this.

On our arrival here I found Ellie’s two letters awaiting me for which I am most indebted, and was very glad to hear all were well.  One had Will & Be[cky]’s letter & was forwarded from Salt Lake, & the other dated July 2nd.

I am too busy to write you a decent letter so you will have to wait until I get settled at Vancouver.  I think in the spring I will get a leave of ab. & probably go to Honolulu.  Were that the war in Europe is over, or I may go there, or I may look round & see if I can find Mrs. [Pe.?] ____ ____.

Much love to all from your affectionate Brother,

John F. Reynolds