Camp Floyd, U.T.

June 26th 1859


My dear Sister,

Yours of the 17th & 18th of May came last mail together with the order for our translation from this delightful country to Oregon, so we return to the “States” of the Pacific.


Camp near Box Elder

July 2nd 1859


I had written the above intending to finish a letter to you from Camp Floyd before we left, on our long march, but the hurry of preparations prevented my every intention in that matter, so I now write after making about 100 miles on our way.  We left Camp Floyd on the 27th of June and are now at the last settlement in the north of Utah; the 4th we will spend in crossing Bear River, and the 5th I hope will find us fairly started on our way once more to the Pacific.  I am delighted with the prospect of being stationed at Vancouver, to which place direct all your letters (“Ft. Vancouver, W.T.”).

On my way through the City I saw Harry’s friend, [Anthony Ivins?] who, when I mentioned my business with him, stated that he had ____ his advice and reference to the draft but that the matter had been settled by this time by his brother in Phila., so I did not present the one H. sent me.  I presume he told the truth.

I have not time to write more & will have no opportunity until we reach the forts or settlements in Oregon.  So much love to all.

Believe me, your affectionate Brother,

John F. Reynolds