Camp near Ft. Kearney

July 21st 1858


My dear Sister,

We have reached this point, progressing very slowly on our way to Utah.  The forces destined for that place, having undergone considerable changes since I wrote to you last.  The 7th Infy., with which we have been marching, & my Comp. are not affected however by these changes, and we continue our march, which, when we leave this place (which will be tomorrow), will I hope be uninterrupted, and we have a prospect of reaching Utah in good season.  I hope you have written to me but I have got but one letter since we left Leavenworth, that written from [Windsor?].

I do not regret going on to Utah tho’ I think I might not be kept there long, and would be glad enough to make the return trip next summer.  I have very little faith in the quiet aspect of affairs out there, as they appear to have been settled by Gov. Cummings and do not think it can be permanent.  We have not yet heard of the terms or conditions upon which the [commissaries?] have adjusted matters, but unless the Mormons are going to leave our territory entirely, we may expect the same troubles over again before many years.

Our march has been very pleasant thus far, save the halts made in order to reorganize, which have thrown us rather behind time.

         I have not time but to scrawl these few lines tonight.

         Give my love to Kate, Harry, & Lydia, and the other when you write to them, and believe me,

Your affectionate Brother,

John F. Reynolds


Miss Ellie Reynolds,

         Phila., Pa.