Camp on Big Blue, K.T.

June 28th 1858


My dear Sister,

Your letter from _______ reached me at this place where we have been for 7 or eight days, waiting for the [contractor’s?] trains, which from the rains we have lately had, are sadly behind hand, and if we are obliged to wait at this rate we will not get to Utah this year.  Thus far we have had a very pleasant trip save the delays on account of the ox trains.  Our mule trains get along well enough, tho’ we have had very heavy roads.  You now doubtless have heard the war in Utah is ended &c. but I put no faith in anything of the kind and will not believe it until the Mormons are out of our territory.  The Govt. should not [miss?] the present opportunity of getting them out and the forces now in route should be pushed forward as rapidly as possible; then I think it very likely that the Mormons may leave, and go into Sonora where, eventually, they will be in our way again, but they will be more [accessible?] there than the country they are now in.

I am glad to hear Sam has settled Aunt’s estate so promptly & satisfactorily and I wrote you about his writing to me, and that I thought you had misrepresented the case to Will, &c.

Jim I imagine will eventually settle.  I think Robt. must have some of the money yet which Jim will not ask for, and with his usual obstinacy will give no one any satisfaction about it, as money is _____ now.  I hope he will be able to settle before long.  I wish you to invest any money you may have for me, as you do your own.  I shall be perfectly satisfied with anything Harry may think best.

I hope Lydia & Mr. E. will settle down somewhere near you.  It will [pleasanter?] for all of you and [Lancaster?] is quite within reach.

Give my love to everybody.  When you write again direct, “Utah Forces,” via Ft. Leavenworth.

Yours in [thanks?],

John F. Reynolds


Miss Ellie Reynolds,