Ft. Leavenworth, K.T.

June 3rd 1858


My dear Sisters,

Our orders are out and we will leave to-morrow.  Having been detained by the [contractor’s?] supply trains, the roads are very messy and ox-trains very slow.  I had no idea we should have been at this place so long, and am heartily tired of it—anxious to be on the plains once more.  I put no faith in the Mormons and hope Mr. B. will not—they are only playing a deep game.

At the rate we now travel we will not be at Laramie before 40 or 50 days so you may direct your next letters there; after that write me, “Army of Utah” via Ft. Leavenworth, and whenever we get to Salt Lake, it simply necessary to direct them.  The mail I believe starts from St. Joseph.

Sam wrote me about his money, a letter from Will, & asking me if I had heard anything of the matter.  You certainly have given Will an erroneous impression of what Sam did, & he is justly indignant at it.  I wrote him what I heard, and understood, but it [implied?] nothing like the idea Will took of it.  I told him that it was evidently a wrong conclusion Will drew from what you had written, & so I suppose it is.

When you write again let me know about it.  I am glad Lucinda is in a fair way of being rid of us as we of it, the same thing.

I read my “maps” & am now ready to start fully equipped.

Kiss Reynolds for me and give love to all.  Believe me ever, your aff. Brother,

John F. Reynolds


Miss Ellie Reynolds



         I do not think now, that I will want any more money at present and I told you to draw the interest on any of my stocks & use it.  I believe, only the St. Louis City bond which belongs to the Company, you might retain that for the present or keep an accurate account of it and use it if you want the money.