Ft. Monroe, Va.

June 25th 1857


My dear Ellie,

I found your letter when I arrived here.  I am very sorry to learn that Jim has so managed your affairs as to have consumed so much of your principal, & hope now, that when he makes up his account it will be found more favorable, tho’ I think we have little to hope for, from him of any good result.

Miss [Mehaffy or Mchaffy?] leaves here on the boat for Baltimore tonight; they say engaged to Capt. Howe.  Mind I don’t vouch for it; rather doubt it myself—so you can call on her and find out for yourself.  I hope it is not so, as I do not admire him & think she dreams & has a better ______ ____.

It really distresses me to think of Jim’s conduct in this matter & your deficiency must be made up somehow or other if I have to do it myself.  I understand you to mean $1000 each in between you?

My box [&] chest has finally turned up—safe.

Love to Jennie & Will.

Your affectionate Brother,

John F. Reynolds


We are quite gay here, now at the Hotel & with the “Minnesota” in the harbor, for a week, will be gayer yet.