Ft. Monroe, Va.

April 29th 1857


My dear Sisters,

I received George’s note & telegraph (enclosed) announcing the death of Aunt, Tuesday morning too late for me to have reached Lancaster in time for the funeral.  Even if I got to Baltimore in time the first train, however I would have started at once, had I not been suffering with “chills & fever” ever since my return here, and have not been out of the house more than once or twice for the last week.

I was of course prepared to hear this sad news from what I saw in your letters to Jane while in Baltimore, & I only regret now that I did not go up to L. at once instead of coming here.  I might as well have been sick there as here.  I regret it the more because I have not been present on the death of any of the members of our family & being so near and Aunt being the last connecting in between us & the past.  I did hope to be able to join your sorrowing circle and follow her remains to the grave.

When you write let me know all the particulars, & what your plans for the future will be.  If it is necessary I can come up to L. for a few days anytime.  With much love to all.

Your affectionate

Brother, John


Jim’s telegraph came this morning.