Ft. Monroe, Va.

Dec. 15th 1856


My dear Sister,

I arrived here only on the 1st of the month but our Board has not quite got together yet.  We are waiting for Maj. Hunt who, we hear, is on his way.

My traps &c [reached?] this in one season and your letter also.

I am sorry Sam can not get up a gathering at Christmas and if no one is to be at L[ancaster] I do not think it worth my while to come.  I am now fixed in garrison in a little cottage by myself tho’ I take my meals at the Hotel and will do so until I can make some arrangement for messing, either by myself or get up some kind of an establishment when the other officers arrive.

I was very sorry to see the account in the papers of the condition of ____ Frazer, tho’ I cannot say I was very much surprised, as he appeared to me to be failing very rapidly, when I saw him last.

Tell Sam I am going out to try the quail here in a day or two tho’ from accounts they are very scarce here.  Will let you know what success I reach within my next.  With love to all.

Your affectionate




Miss H. Reynolds

         Lancaster, Pa.


I see the Geo. Law is telegraphed at N.Y. & hope you have heard of Will & Becky.