Camp at the mouth of Rogue River, O.T.

June 19th 1856


My dear Sister,

It is now three months since I left Ft. Orford with my Company to take the field against the Indians who had committed the outrages on the settlers at this place, an account of which you undoubtedly saw in the papers at the time, and after a very hard, laborious and fatiguing campaign with occasional skirmishing through the mountains, we have succeeded in getting them all, or nearly all, to come in, give up their arms and go upon the rum.  Col. Buchanan has gone to Ft. Orford, with the majority of the troops & Indians, and Capt. Ord & myself are here collecting the old, the lame, blind, & halt [so that?] we will take up them in a few days.  There is still one of the worst bands out yet in the upper country who say they will not come in, and they will I suppose have to be hunted down, which in this country will prove an interminable undertaking.  Our success has thus far has exceeded the anticipations of the most sanguine and we hope the war may now in this section of country be considered as approaching its end.

I am anxiously expecting to hear who is to succeed Capt. Bragg in the command of the Light Company of the Regt.  I have every reason to believe that the Col. of the Regt. (Bauman) recommended me, and the law leaves it unto the Secretary of War upon the recommendation of the comm’dg officer of the Regt.  I wrote to Jim about it & asked him to use his influence in the matter with [Forney?], but have since had the slightest allusion to it from him.

I have the strongest claim to it of any Capt. in the Regt. and should Mr. Davis give it to any one else I do not see that there is any chance of my ever getting even justice in the Army—and shall think it about time to think of leaving it, that is, should (as I am almost positive he has) the Col. of the Regt. recommended me.

When I get to Ft. Orford I shall write to you again.  I cannot write in the field, never could, & have now any quantity to bring up of [problems?] when I get back there.  Indians are to be [secured?] up the coast to the reserve and the troops will be required to escort them & a fort will have to be established and one or two Companies will have to remain there.  Who it will be we cannot tell yet.

With love to all at home & when you write.  Believe me always,

Your affectionate Brother,

John F. Reynolds