Ft. Yuma, Cal.

Sept. 25th 1855


My dear Sister,

My promotion has at length reached here, and I am only awaiting the arrival of an officer to relieve me in the command of Company “A,” when I shall proceed to join my ______ Comp. “18” at Ft. Orford, Oregon, which fort I shall be in command of.  The officer to relieve me is now on his way here & I expect him to arrive every day.  I shall leave this instantly in his reaching here, so when you write address to “Fort Orford.”  We have the steamers to Ft. Vancouver, on the Columbia, twice a week from San F. so I shall be quite in the north once more.  Fort Orford is just north of the Boundary of 42°, on the coast & is therefore in Oregon.

I have rec’d some of the papers sent by Mr. Landis I suppose.  When you write to Kate, say that I am very grateful for all small favors in [Lancaster?].  Love to all.

Your affectionate Brother,

John F. Reynolds



Miss H.S. Reynolds

         Lancaster, Pa.