Great Salt Lake City, U.T.

October 31st 1854


My dear Sisters,

The mail came yesterday & not a word from anyone for me.  I suppose however it was not all brought along but left somewhere on the road, as is not an unusual case.

Our communication will be very uncertain from this time until spring.  The mountains around us, already are covered with snow, nearly to ____ ____, & we have every prospect of having a [tolerably?] severe winter.  We are however comfortably quartered in barracks in the City and will no doubt manage to pass the winter very contentedly, but I am certain I for one will leave with very little regret as early as the spring will allow us to venture into the Sierra Nevada.  You have no doubt heard accounts of the trouble with the Indians at Ft. Laramie, which occurred after we had passed there.  It was a very unfortunate affair & I fear that we shall have trouble for some time on that portion of [the] frontier.

The Col. is now absent from this in the southern portion of the Territory with the mounted force of this command, to endeavor to arrest the murderers of Capt. Gunnison & his party, which occurred last year.  We have heard of him but once since he left but look for his return every day.

I cannot write you anything as yet about the Mormons, but I have sent Jim 2 copies of the Deseret News, & you may [know?] something of their Religious News from the sermons preached in them.  I am sorry I did not hear how Kate was by this mail as I may not now receive any of your letters before spring.

Write often, at least once a month, & mail it so as to reach Independence before the end of the month as the mail leaves the first of every month.

Give my love to all at home, & believe me,

Your affectionate


John F. Reynolds



Miss Hal Reynolds,

         Lancaster, Pa.