Ft. LaFayette

February 11th 1854


My dear Sister,

Yours of the 9th inst. with its enclosure came this evening.  I send a receipt for Jim’s subscription to the Herald, which I had forgotten when I wrote before.  The box of papers which came for me I wish especial care taken of as it contains some which it is necessary to send to Washington.  The most of them are, however, my retained accounts.  If Jim can distinguish them readily he might put them in the “safe” until I come home which I will have to do to attend to them the first of next month at the farthest.  If I should want them forwarded here I will write again.

Who is [Ledge?] & Undersmith?  The other name I take to be Geo. Ford but am not positive.

I rec’d the letter you refer to as directed to Redlers Island, as also several others re-directed here in Jim’s hand.

My love to Aunt, Ellie, & Jim.

Believe me,

Your affectionate Brother

John F. Reynolds


Miss H.S. Reynolds,

         Lancaster, Pa.