Fort Lafayette, New York Harbour

January 30th 1854


My dear Sisters,

I reached New York Monday evening but could not get over to [Redler’s?] Island before Wednesday, on account of a storm, and on Friday was ordered down here with [two?] companies.  If the Reg’t’s to occupy this place for the present.  I have been quite busy in arranging the companies at this fort and have now only time to write you a line, to say that any letters, &c. which may arrive for me I wish forwarded to “Ft. Hamilton, Long Island, N.Y.”

We occupy a very small Fort 3 or 400 yds from Ft. Hamilton, at the Narrows.  How long we may be here, I do not know.  We are by no means comfortably fixed & this fort is scarcely a fit place to have sent us at this inclement season.

Give my love to all & believe me.

Yours truly & affectionately

John F. Reynolds


Miss H.S. Reynolds,

         Lancaster, Pa.