Camp near Rappahannock River

Aug. 21, 1863


To Mrs. Capt. H.D. Landis

         Dear Madam,

                  In behalf of the Penn. Reserves, the committee, through their chairman Sergt. W. Hayes Grier, will perform the painful duty of presenting you the sword, sash, and belt, intended for your deceased brother.  It would have been a pleasant task could we have been permitted to present it to the brave & noble General, under whose command we passed through the different engagements of Mechanicsville, Gaines Mill, 2nd Bull Run, & Fredericksburg.  Under his command, we did all in our power to aid in crushing this unholy rebellion.  A strict disciplinarian, attention to the wants of his men, and a brave and fearless commander combined, united our hearts in willing action to his commands.  The cause which he espoused, and for which he yielded his noble life, a willing sacrifice, has in his death, lost one of its most earnest supporters.  It is unnecessary for me to attempt to eulogize his name as his history is well known to all who are conversant with the affairs of the present day.  Therefore, to you, his cherished sister, we present this testimonial of esteem, from the Penn. Reserves, resting assured that it will be preserved, and that in future generations, when the donors shall be remembered among the things that were, it can be viewed with pride, by the kindred of the brave, beloved and lamented General.

Sergt. W. Hayes Grier

Co. A. 5th Rgt., P.R.C.

in behalf of the

Old First Brigade, P.R.C.