Anderson Cavalry

Tullahoma, Tenn. July 7/63


To the

   Misses Reynolds

      My dear friends,

The melancholy news of the death of Genl. Reynolds has just reached me.  As a late member of your brother’s staff permit me to express to you my earnest sympathy with you in your bereavement.

I feel that tho’ you have lost a brother, I have lost a warm personal friend.  For more than eighteen months I was associated with him in the closest military intimacy, and my admiration for him as a soldier was only equaled by my sincere regard for him as a man.

His family and his friends mourn him for his private virtues, and the country grieves for the loss of a true patriot and a gallant officer.  She has few like him to spare, and none to fill his place.

His old Corps were devotedly attached to him, and they who followed him with love & enthusiasm while he lived, will not allow his memory to fade in the grave.  His life was an example & his death a victory, and in my faith in divine justice I feel that he hath now the reward of good services and the starry crown.

I am with sincere respect,

Yours truly,

Chas. B. Lamborn

Lt. Col., Anderson Cavalry

Late A.D.C. to

Maj. Genl. Reynolds



Misses Harriet & Ellie

Reynolds, Phila.