Hd. Qrs. Army of Potomac

June 25 (8:10 AM), 1863


Maj. Genl. Jno. F. Reynolds.

         Commdg. etc. etc.

                  Orders were telegraphed you this morning to assume command of the 3rd & 11th Corps in addition to you own.  At the same time directions were given for a Brigade of Cavalry to report to you with two sections of artillery; all of these troops are under orders to cross the Potomac today, at or near Edwards Ferry.  All but the third Corps being convenient to that crossing at this moment.

                  The cavalry & sections of artillery are ordered to report to you, that you may take possession of Compton’s Gap & what is called South Mountain gap as speedily as possible if practicable tonight, & that each cavalry column may be closely followed by a brigade of infantry & a battery & all instructed to hold those passes until further orders.  Late last night the enemy had no force at either pass—so their possession may be of great importance in determining the future operations of this army.  The Genl. desires that you will take & hold them.  You will direct your column in the direction of Middletown in two lines, should you find it practicable, & there encamp should you receive no orders to the contrary.

                  Please keep the Genl. informed of all your movements & those of the enemy as soon as you learn them & especially advise him the moment you are in possession of the Gap.

                  Two of his staff officers will be sent you—also maps.

Very respectfully,

Your obt. servant

S. Williams

Adjt. Maj. Genl.



Recd. at Edwards


1.45 P.M.