39 Arch St. Boston, Mass.

Aug. 3, 1877


Maj. Rosengarten:

         Dear Sir,

                  Your article on Genl. Reynolds (published in the Phila. “Times”) attracted some attention in our vicinity among officers & members of the 12th & 13th Mass. Vols. and judging that anything relating to the 1st Corps might be of interest to you I have ventured to send you the enclosed clip from a Boston paper.  The 12th & 13th Mass. Vols. are the only organizations in this state that belonged to Genl. Reynold’s corps at the time of Gettysburg and the feeling is ripe in both organizations that it is high time the misstatements and errors that have obtained circulation concerning July 1, 1863 were corrected & “honor given where honor is due.”

                  With this end in view the enclosed article was published.  It has received the unqualified endorsement of the highest officers of both regiments and has obtained favorable mention from Maj. Genl. J.C. Robinson (2nd Division).  Up to the date of writing this nothing in the nature of a reply has been received, other than words of commendation and approval.

                  Thinking that possibly a perusal might interest you; hoping that any misstatements might be corrected and with many apologies for thus intruding on your time & patience.  I remain

Yours very respectfully

James Beale

formerly 12. Mass. Vol. Infantry

2nd Brigade

2nd Division

1st Corps.